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Walker LDJ Scientific has been in magnetic's since the late 1800's. This product line has set industry standards for quality and accuracy throughout the world and has been used to support much of the advancement in the science of magnetics. Supporting Magnetic Measuring and Calibration, Magnetic Analysis, Electromagnetic Systems, Beam Handling Electromagnets (Coils and Solenoids), Power Supplies and Magnetizing and Conditioning Equipment.


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K-O Concepts


Remote Exhaust Module



K-O Concepts "REM" ventilator module is used to exhaust heated air into the air conditioner return or to the outside. The module can also be used to ventilate non-toxic fumes. The optional plenum easily attaches to 19" racks or cabinets to interface with the ventilator module for powerful, quiet removal of waste heat. Modules are 18"x24" panels, easy for installation into a drop ceiling grid or may be installed into a framed ceiling. Powerful motor provides up to 350CFM on high speed or 200CFM for low speed. Quiet and efficient 115VAC motor consumes only 140 watts and weighs only 26 lbs.


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Magna-Power Electronics


High Power DC Supplies



MPE has a complete line of standard and custom High Power DC Supplies. Ranging in voltage outputs of 10-1000 V and 5-7500 amps. These units are capable of Master/Slave operation both in Series or Parallel.


For more information, see: Magna Power Electronics Web site.




NEW "B" Series of Precision Magnetics Anaylzers


3260B Precision Magnetics Analyzer


The new "B" version has standardized several options and added new capabilities. The extended frequency range of 20Hz-3MHz is now standard. A new Telecom Measurement function has been added. This provides Insertion Loss and Return Loss for line matching transformers in the telephone speech band (100Hz-20KHz). Values for line impedance and termination are user selectable. Optional simulated damping network and series blocking capacitor are user configurable.



The 3260B also has a Multi-Frequency Mode that allows the user to specify up to 8 specific frequencies and test at these frequencies against preset limits and present the results in a tabular form. All results can be viewed on the high contrast display or output to the centronics interface. In additon the IEE488 interface allows the unit to be controlled automatically. LabVIEW drivers are available on request.


The 3260B also performs a search between two user selected frequencies and locates the resonant frequency by identifying the phase shift through 0 degrees. If resonance is not located between the selected frequencies, the user can extrapolate the data to locate resonance up to aproximately 6MHz.


3255B Inductance Analyzer


We have extended the standard frequency range to 500KHz from 200KHz. We have also added the multi-frequency mode, allowing the user to choose up to 8 frequencies and applying limits to these frequencies and sweeping them with a tabular output. Resonant frequency calculation is also available on the 3255B. Another added capability of the 3255B is the use with the DC Bias units.


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Truly reliable and the most useful EMC test equipment

NoiseKen's ESD, EFT/B and Surge simulators are the best choice, whatever your requirements are: for design, qualification, production or diagnostic tests.




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