•  EMSCAN provides leading edge lab  and bench     solutions for magnetic    near-field and  far-     fieldMeasurements, for  both Printed Circuit     Engineering and Antenna Design









•  ESD Simulator  (15KV)

•  Fast Transient Simulator

•  Surge Simulator

•  EMC Immunity Systems

•  Lighting Test  Systems (LTS)


Scientific Test

•  Discrete Semiconductor  Testing System

•  Curve Trace Testing System





•  ESD & Latch-up          MK  Series  Test Systems   64 to                                      2304 Pins  HBM, MM,

•  CDM- Tester               Orion2 Test Systems Free                                      Standing

•  2 Pin Tester                 Pegasus Free Standing ESD                                       bench  top 2 pin tester HBM,

                                     MM, and HMM

•  TLP/VF-TLP                 Celestron Test System   Device                                      Level  or Wafer Level Testing





Walker LDJ Scientific



To receive information about a particular product line, contact Jim Wisdom. Please list the item(s) of interest and tell us about your application. Please include your name, company name, telephone and email address.

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